Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ways to Move on From Cheating

Cheating is something almost everyone experiences. If you're in a relationship and your man has been less than faithful, here are some tips on how to move forward from it.

1. Decide
This is the first step in your process of moving forward. You have to decide if you still want to be with your man or if it's time to move on from the relationship. Take a look at your relationship and decide if you really can move on from his cheating ways. No one is perfect and that is no excuse for what he has done. But people do make mistakes and sometimes don't realize what they have until it's gone. So make a choice and if you still want to be with him, then give yourself some time to heal.

2. Time
You know the saying, "time heals all wounds", well it's very true. Giving yourself space from him can really help you deal with your feelings. It may also give him a chance to sit there and think about his actions. If you jump right back into the relationship, it will make him think that it maybe ok to do it again.

3. Write it Down
If you're having thoughts that you need to get out, but don't want to express them to him? Start a journal, or write a song. This will give you a chance to pour your emotions out in a calm manner. It's a very therapeutic way of dealing with the many emotions that are running through you.

4. Lean on Friends
Find a friend that you know you can trust. Let them in and tell them what's going on. I have a great friend that helps me through all my break ups, and she will sit up till the middle of the night helping me through them. It's also a great way for you to express your hurt without calling your guy. Also, she might see things in your relationship, that you might have been completely blind to.

5. Don't Compare 
This might be the hardest one of all. Do not compare yourself to her. There is a reason your man fell in love with you. You are the person he wants to be with. Chances are, you are making her out to be this wonderful person that you can never be. But how think about what it says about her character to cheat. If you want to move on from this, let her go. This is between you and your man.

What are some of your tips for going through a break up?